Bump cap En 812 SURFLEX - AIR+ NAVY


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NEW - Bump Cap AIR PLUS - 3cm short visor - 100% nylon - rounded cutting on the ears - polyester mesh -

THE TOP OF 1 SURFLEX PROTECTION: Surflex designers have designed an ergonomic and dynamic bump cap. Equipped with large ventilated areas and an anti-sweat band that keeps your head dry, it offers optimum comfort to the wearer throughout the day.

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With its new dynamic curves, its large openings side refreshing, its pro-comfort scalloped at ear level, its ability to do a transfert on the front of the cap and its anti-sweat band that breathes and dries quickly, Surflex made this cap the most successful bump cap and most powerful in its class.

Components are selected according to their properties. For example, anti-sweat band, composed of polyester VAPOR X fabric with a dimpled double face, is known for its absorbent, breathable and quick-drying properties that serve particularly for pilots or sports athletes at major competitions.

- 100% nylon : soft , stretchy, durable, excellent color fastness, absorbent properties

- Anti-sweat band : polyester : breathability, maintenance, optimum comfort. Double dimpled face 45% X-Dry®  55% Infinity® Silver PES

- Short visor 3cm : better visibility, perception of objects in height, good for the physic health

- Comfort design with a rounded cutting on ears: improves the well -being of the wearer, making it very adaptable model with other protection equipments and guaranteed stability.

- Velcro adjustment : unique size but fit all types of heads ease.

- Spirit 5 panels with seamless panel on the front : the design of the cap facilitates marking / transfer / embroidery on the front of the cap

- Wide polyester mesh on each side of the cap : ensures high breathability and ventilation

- Reflective piping ( visor and sides) : Improved visibility

- Ergonomic ABS shell : stiff, airy, easy to remove/recover from the cap for easy cleaning (30 °).

- Foam EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate ) absorbs blows, improves the comfortableness, aeration because it allow air circulation, registered under REACH.

- Standard EN 812: A1 : European Conformity (CE )

- Color Navy

- Lightness : + / - 170 g