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EN 812:A1 relates to bump cap of current use. They are used in the industry to protect the head when it hits hard and static objects that can stun or cause lacerations and superficial injury to the wearer.
They are primarily intended for indoor use but can also be used outside for some businesses .

EN 812 gives the buyer of the Surflex bump cap peace and security  during purchases and after purchases.

Bump cap is not designed to protect from the effects of falling objects and mustn't  replace a protection helmet  of industry  according to EN 397 .

Mandatory requirement to pass the test of EN 812 :

Characteristics of the striking mass :
- Weight: +/- 500 grams
- Point angle : +/- 60 °
- Tip radius +/- 0.5 mm
- Minimum height of cone: +/- 40mm
- Hardness of the tip between 40 and 45 Rockwell C
- Protection against shock

- Protection against bumps
To perform the test , the anti- collision mesh is placed in a normal position on a headform and a striking mass of 5kg is left fell from a height of +/- 300mm above the cap, then before and finally behind. This corresponds to a nominal energy of 12.5 J. To pass the test, the force transmitted to the headform shall not exceed 15.0 KN .

- Resistance to penetration
During the test, the firing pin must be positioned above the headform so that its axis coincides with the vertical axis of the headform and the fall can take place freely or being guided . It should then drop the firing pin from a height of + / - 500 mm, the point of impact must be located within a circle whose radius is 50mm centered the top of the cap. The tip of the firing pin should not come in contact with the surface of the headform .

SURFLEX® Bump cap : european compliance