SURFLEX Safety Bump Cap

The Surflex Bump cap is an innovative cap composed of a ergonomic helmet (ABS)  especially designed for comfort, dynamism design and ease of insertion into a textile cap. This combination between esthetic, protection and modernism guarantee acceptance of the product by the user which would be less compelled to carry it because he would appreciate it.

This product is in agreement with the protection requirements of users for applications in commercial, industrial or recreational works whose risks have a low impact. This product is certified EN 812 (European agreement) and it is useful in situations where the wearing of a security helmet seems exaggerated. But also in workplace with risk of shocks and bumps of the head (warehouses, assembly lines, laboratories, building work indoors, garages, engeneering ...). Thus, the use of a bump cap is efficient not only in the sectors of aerospace, automobile, retail, but also transportation, logistics, crafts and even the police!

Protect preserving comfort and concentration!

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By its shape and its rigid inner liner, this cap is easily combined with other personal protection such as earmuffs, protection glasses, respiratory masks, etc. The main objective is to protect against blows on the head caused by static objects. Thus, the Surflex bump caps absorbs bumps and reduce them.

Moreover, its short visor of 5 cm and its gray reflective tapes located throughout visor, side and rear ensure maximum visibility for the user as well as his peers.

The cap has been tested and complies with the European standards (CE) EN 812. Moreover, the EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) on the ABS shell inside the cap has been registered with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of chemicals). REACH is a regulation of the European Commission entered into force on 1st June 2007'' whose aim is to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment against the risks that can be posed by chemicals. Approval by the REACH, Surflex can therefore provide its clients  about the quality of its caps and safety of its users both in their health and their body protection.



One of the major advantages of the bump cap is undoubtedly its comfort. It is not bulky and it is slightly (+/- 170 g), which provides greater stability. The ABS helmet is removed and replaced easily because it is fixed by velcro. The visor is made with plastic which makes the washing machine of the cap very easy.
Surflex cap has a plastic helmet/shell and is made of 100 % nylon that holds great colors even after repeated washing. This is a durable material which is water resistant and perfectly adapted to the use for which it is intended. In addition, our cap also produces polyester or cotton to satisfy more users.

The large size of 56-64 cm facilitates the management of orders and there is a quick and safe regulating system by velcro which allow the use for all types of heads. When the cap is worn, it does not move and provides comfort to the user throughout the day. It is waterproof and offers a solution to moisture through its anti sweat band, the ventilation system located on both sides of the cap and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). In addition to being vented, the EVA foam is a very durable material which absorbs blows. The design of our bump cap has for objective to be able to combine both breathability, comfort and effective protection.


Surflex offers customized production with your colors and your forms from 400 pieces. Our bumpcap exists in 5 differents types to adapt to the working environment, the seasons and tastes ranges:

  • Toute saison bump cap : timeless, all-weather , visor 5cm, 100% nylon / cotton /polyesther,  quick regulating, ventilation panels.
  • Top short bump cap: With a short visor of 3cm, this model allows the person who wears it to benefit from a better vision of elements in height and also preserves the cervical. The lightness of the cap and the short visor are two advantages over the protection helmet often cumersome and tiring.
  • LED bump cap: there is 4 LED light in the visor, visor 5cm, offers better vision in dark areas. This cap offers a time saving and greater efficiency in the work of the user.
  • Winter bump cap: fleece lining retains heat of the head, removable earflap. It is really comfortable and offers a protection against the cold which is greatly appreciated by the users working outside during the winter season. It helps to maintain the health, concentration and vigilance of the users to totally eradicate accidents.
  • High visibility bump cap : With wide reflective strips on the visor and the side, this cap offer a 360° of visibility. This model is available in 3 colors: yellow, red and orange for the model "Toute saison" and only yellow for the model "Hiver". This bump cap will allow the user to remain visible in all situations and will be easily recognizable at a distance by his peers.
  • Air + bump cap (NEW!!) :This new model offers an optimum support through its highly ergonomic shape and a wide cut at ear level. It is provided with ventilation openings in the wide side, an anti-sweat band with technical fiber designed in mesh panels providing transfer of heat and moisture in excess outwardly. It provides comfort, does not stick and ensures freshness. The absence of a sewing on the front panel allows a quality marking transfer or embroidery.


These models are available in 7 colors: Black, navy, white, grey, red, beige, and green. The variety of colors allows the company to choose the color that will stick more to his universe. It will given a positive vision of the company and symbolize recognition in the business.


If you want your cap to be unique and represent  you and your business, you can customize it with your logo, name, etc.  For this, we propose to register your mark, embroidery or print from 20 pieces. You can also make a special production with your colors and design from 400 pieces. For a special production, contact us !

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