• Aviation

    In the aerospace and aviation trades, our products are found in various positions such as: fuel supply, bunkering and baggage delivery, engine repair, work at height and in the small spaces ...

  • Industry

    Most industrial trades require the wearing of the anti-strike cap. Operators, technicians, maintenance department, consultants and production managers will be protected against the risks of injuries related to their professions.

  • Logistics

    Head protection with EPI EN812 is required for certain tasks such as loading handling of trucks and containers as well as palletizing and stacking of pallets at heights in logistics warehouses.

  • Electricity

    Our caps do not contain any metal parts. That's why Surflex safety caps are ideal for protecting against shocks, bumps and scrapes from small gaps. Our lighting systems are highly recommended and appreciated by our customers in the field of electricity. This small accessory can avoid great injuries.

  • Automobile

    Bodybuilders, mechanics, welders, technicians and mechanics are professions in which PPE is essential to mitigate the risk of injuries, cuts, lacerations and falling objects.

  • Building

    In this difficult building trade, it is a question of clearly differentiating the activities requiring the compulsory wearing of the construction helmet (standard EN397) and the wearing of the anti-strike cap (standard EN812). Some examples of missions for which the safety cap is indispensable: still construction sites, architecture, carpentry, masonry, gardening, painter, etc.