The company Victoire & Compagnie


Located in the North of France, Victoire et Compagnie is a company founded in 1993 specializing in the making of hairdressers. Our specialty, PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, more specifically in the manufacture of EN 812 safety caps. Our products are designed in collaboration with designers from the world of industry as well as fashion and sports professionals. Our models are design, modern, comfortable and very secure.

Since its creation, the Surflex anti-collision safety cap has been able to reinvent itself, going from the Scarap 1 shell to the Scarap 2,3 and 4. Thanks to all its innovations and R&D (research and development), the protective cap SURFLEX is positioning itself today as one of the most secure products on the market.

The changes made over the years have been focused on the lightness, comfort, ergonomics and ventilation of the Surflex caps. The new Scarap 4 shell is equipped with an interior shock absorbing foam and fixed with Velcro. Interior foam has the advantage of being washed or replaced. The Scarap 4 is recyclable and more respectful of the environment.

The textile part of our products is very important for our customers, the aesthetics of our products are modern and dynamic, the user will be proud and motivated to wear a Surflex bump cap with his company logo!

We work in collaboration with our reseller or distributor customers worldwide to find the best customization solutions for end customers (automotive, aeronautics, logistics, energy, etc.)

The experience of our company as well as the size of our structure offers great flexibility in the production of special productions and great responsiveness in the processing and delivery of your orders. Indeed, we have a large stock of products at all times allowing us to respond to our customers as soon as possible.

Explication casquette anti-heurt

  • A broad choice of models

    The Surflex EN812 caps are available in different models to meet the different trades. The very airy model that is called AIR + and has a very good support on the head. The ALL SEASON model appreciated for its look and the elastic that holds the head well under the occipital. The Winter model with its fleece and earmuff and neck. The Chapka with its fur and its comfort for the winter periods. The hat with a very powerful front LED lamp and rechargeable by USB.

    These different models are available with different sizes of visors of 1, 3 or 5 cm. If in your trades a high visibility is necessary, the option of LED light integrated or removable battery or USB rechargeable you will be essential.

  • An international market

    Surflex products are marketed worldwide, Europe, Asia, North and South America. Our customers are all resellers or distributors. We offer our customers the possibility to order our models on our available stocks in Europe. For very large quantities orders can be shipped directly from the factory, at competitive prices.

    We are also able to realize for your brand or your tenders models of custom security caps from A to Z (Industries, Police, Government Procurement).

  • The best quality for our products

    Our process is strict and the satisfaction of our customers is our first concern. We constantly invest to work with the best suppliers and subcontractors on the market. Indeed, we have been working with some of them for almost 20 years and it is this trust that has allowed us to innovate and maximize the quality of our products.

Our team

  • Luc Laloy : CEO

    The company seeks to develop its international clientele and play the card of innovation in order to retain and satisfy its customers.

  • Thomas Delsalle : Project director

    Constant search for improvement and innovation to meet customer needs.

  • Nicolas Herlaud : Commercial

    Listening to your needs and expectations